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While shower curtains certainly are handy, if you want to add a little more style to your bathroom, shower screens can be a better option. Over bath shower screens do exactly the same job as a shower curtain - keeping your bathroom floor free from shower splashes - but in a much more sophisticated way. They are essentially a large glass panel that fits snugly between your wall and the edge of your bath, providing a stylish way to enclose your over bath shower.

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Find your ideal bathroom shower screen online at Plumbworld today. Our range features all the styles you could want, including curved over bath shower screens, square over bath shower screens, folding bath shower screens and more. Combining high quality with competitive prices and free next-day delivery - you won’t get a better deal than at Plumbworld!


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Coram Curved Edge Shower Screen - 800mm Width - SFR80CUC

delighted with purchase

I had purchased shower screen for a friend whom was moving to a new house, when i visited I was delighted with the look and how sturdy screen was, the guy who fitted screen has taken your details and will most definatley be a future customer, he was quite amazed at the quality of product and how reasonable it was.. A very happy customer lm

Nikhil Gibbs

Luxura 4 Panel Folding Bath Screen (Chrome Frame) - 992mm Width

Neat folding shower screen

The screen arrived well packed with good illustrated instrructions which were very easy to follow. All the bit were securely packed and present. The screen was easy to install and works very well. no water drips have been present on any of the joints or the seal after showering.

Karissa Brooks

Luxura Square Bath Screen (Chrome Frame) - 800mm Width

Excellent piece of kit

Us d this item as a door at thr end of my newly fitted walk in shower. Fits the 780mm gap neatly and stop water from the shower spraying around the bathroom. Solid construction the door opens both ways to allow easy access and cleaning. Very pleased with my purchase.

R Carter

Coram Sail Shower Screen - 800mm Width - SFS80CUC

Cool sail

The sail bath screen is perfect, a very good size. A good height and wide enough... No drips on the floor. It look smart, with chrome fixing. I was easy to fix and looks a treat in the new bathroom

Gregory Brown

Shower Screens - Things To Consider

Shower screens are a popular choice, if you’ve set your heart on having an over bath screen as opposed to a shower curtain, that’s great news but there’s also some other things you’ll need to take into account such as styling, fitment, space requirements and accessibility. Will it be fitted to the wall directly or do you require a solution that is mounted on the bath itself as well? Is there enough room to get into the bath safely with a screen fitted or do you need a folding or swinging one to make access easier? These points are expanded on below to ensure your purchase will suit the requirements of you and your bathroom.

Styling: Whilst the styling of shower screens are all very uniform and quite similar in many aspects, the small variations in design can have a huge impact on the room you install it in. The main styles available include the most common square or rectangular screen, a curved top edge or a sail screen. A square or rectangular screen is exactly what it says; all lines are straight and the design is extremely neat and standard for the bathroom. This model of screen lends itself well to modern bathrooms where straight lines are prominent in other units. The curved screen has a top corner curved whereas the rectangular screen has a right angle. This minor alteration in the design of the screen means it’s much more suited to bathrooms with softer edges and curvaceous styling. It may well be the more suited screen to traditionally styled rooms, but by no means is it exclusive to this design. The final and most recent of all screen designs is called ‘sail’ due to the shape of the outer part of the screen being shaped like the sail of a boat. This is arguably the most aesthetically pleasing of all the designs and it does certainly draw attention to itself; but due to this it may only be suited to a bolder looking bathroom where design etiquette is strong. Installation in quite a bland room may pull too much focus to it and make it more of an eyesore than a centre piece.

Accessibility & Space: Shower screens will obviously vary in length to suit your requirements. If your bath is long or your shower is extremely strong, a wider screen will be beneficial to reduce water splash as well making it look smarter. However, if your bath is smaller or your shower doesn’t create too much mess, you might be able to get away with a smaller screen. Most shower screens offer some type of manoeuvrability whether that’s the ability to swing on the hinge or completely fold away. Screens that swing inwards or outwards make cleaning and accessibility much easier; however, you need sufficient space for the screen to swing which isn’t always available. On the other hand a folding screen doesn’t require any extra space as it folds into itself essentially, this is fantastic for accessibility, but cleaning and looks may be slightly compromised in comparison to a regular screen.

Extras: Whilst a screen is pretty much a one trick pony that does exactly what it sets out to do, some do have the additional option of a towel rail on the opposite side. This allows for towels to stay dry and within a reachable distance to grab after showering so you don’t have to soak the floor on your quest to get a towel.


Different types of shower screens:

Curved Shower Screen
Square Shower Screen
Folding Shower Screen

Curved shower screen

These are simple to install and feature smooth, rounded edges. They look great in contemporary bathrooms and particularly good if you complement with rounded shaped brassware to match

Square shower screen

Square shower screens bring a real modern feel to your bath. With straight geometric designs they're perfect for pairing with blocky brassware or ultra-modern looking showers.

Folding shower screen

Easily moving you shower screen might be necessary if you need extra access in or out of the bath and even for easy cleaning. folding screens tend to have chrome profiles to join the panes of glass and come with multiple pane options.

Sliding Shower Screen
Sail Shower Screen

Sliding shower screen

Over bath screens not only need to look great but they also need to be practical too. A sliding screen is a great bath addition because more often then not one of more of the glass panels slides out the way to allow easy cleaning or easy entry to the bath and shower.

Sail shower screen

Sail over bath screens are another take on the simple curved or square screens. They look simple and minimalistic while reducing the spray onto the bathroom floor from the shower. They have a modern shape to them which looks fantastic whether paired with square or rounded brassware.


Alternatives to over bath screens

If you aren't struck on using a over bath screen then there are other options available to you like a wet room or a walk in shower enclosure.

Wet room shower enclosures

A wet room is effectively a shower enclosure without the shower tray. It uses a waste plumbed directly into the group and glass screens or walls to create an enclosure. For more information take a look at our wet rooms.

Walk in shower enclosures

Walk in shower enclosures are exactly that, glass panels and walls creating an enclosure with a tray fitted underneath containing a waste. They don't feature doors and usually have an area for drying once you've stepped out the shower. Take a look at our walk in enclosures for more information.

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