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Shower Pump Accessories

You’ve decided not to put up with poor quality showers, you've considered which shower booster pump you need to buy, but have you thought about the shower pump accessories that you need to go with it? Our range of Shower Pump Accessories contains all of the mounting pads and flanges that you’ll need so don’t spend a fortune on an emergency run to the DIY shop, be prepared with Plumbworld.


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Stuart Turner 27124 Anti Vibration Mounting Pad

Anti vibriation pad

I bought this after it was recommended for the new replacement shower pump I bought. It's excellent, noise from the new pump is about 10% compared to the old pump with out the mat. The delivery etc was excellent, thanks again, great product.

Steve Nickson

Stuart Turner 27124 Anti Vibration Mounting Pad


Well made and super quick delivery, works really well in cutting vibration from the pump. A tad more expensive than other i looked at but in the end it does the job 100% so satisfaction guaranteed.


Stuart Turner 27124 Anti Vibration Mounting Pad

Stuart Turner Anti vibration pad

As described, fitted when installing a new pump, little vibration on the floorboards, saves having to retro fitt at a later date.

Clive Quantrill