Removing built-up sludge and magnetite from your central heating system can sometimes be a real chore. Alleviate the worry with a bottle of X400 Sentinel Sludge Remover. It will help restore circulation to pipework and radiators to prepare the system for installation of new parts.

X400 is ideal for pre-dosing as the long lasting formula can hold sludge in suspension for up to 3 week!

A 1 litre bottle of X400 should be enough to dose about 8 to 10 radiator panels in your home. It’s easily added using the dosing vessel or the adaptor included. It should be circulated at normal temperature with all valves open for a minimum of two hours or until a satisfactory performance is returned.

A pH neutral formula allows for use in all types of domestic heating system, including those with aluminium content.

Features and Benefits:

  • Efficiently restores system circulation problems.
  • Say goodbye to radiator cold spots.
  • Prepares for new components to be installed on old systems.
  • Non-acid formula which won’t cause pin-holing or leaks.
  • Suitable to be used in all domestic indirect heating systems. Including those with aluminium residue.


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