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A general purpose treatment for total protection against scale and corrosion in all types of indirect central heating systems, including those containing aluminium. Will extend the life of the system, and ensure maximum efficiency and minimum fuel usage.

Once added, Sentinel X100 never needs to be replaced unless the system is drained down.

Simple, rapid application to open or closed systems via a radiator feed valve or filling loop.

  • Non-acidic and non-caustic - easy to handle
  • Ensures optimum boiler efficiency
  • Prevents boiler noise
  • Prevents pin-holing
  • Non-staining, colourless formulation
  • A simple test kit is available to check levels
  • 1 small cartridge pack treats a typical system containing 100L system water
  • The perfect solution in systems where conventional liquid products are difficult to apply
  • 275ml tube
CE Approved

Sentinel X100 Concentrate Gel Inhibitor Video

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