Saniflo UP Macerator Pump- 6001


Saniflo UP Macerator Pump- 6001

Saniflo UP Macerator Pump - 6001

It may seem difficult to install a brand new toilet or bathroom into your home. Not only may it cost a whole load of money to do so, but there may not be a local drainage pipe to fix your toilet too. While this used to be a problem, it is now easier than ever to install a toilet where you want to. With the Saniflo UP you can install your toilet in the cupboard under the stairs, in your new converted loft or even the basement, the possibilities are endless!

Instead of attempting to fix a whole new plumbing system to your bathroom, Saniflo Up can make all your problems go away, with a cleaner, and certainly a whole lot quicker solution. The Saniflo Up can pump the waste water away from your toilet and away to a drainage pipe metres away. The process is fast, simple and makes minimal noise. When you first flush the toilet, the waste is broken down due to the powerful macerator and within only four seconds it is whizzed down and into the drainage pipe. As soon as this process is over, the device goes into a sleep mode, leaving it and the toilet clean and waste free.

Features and benefits:

  • The macerator pump unit that allows installation of an extra WC almost anywhere
  • This Saniflo can be used with a WC and Alarm(which is optional)
  • Easy to access tank
  • Ideal for just one WC installation
  • Quiet motor fits effortlessly behind a WC
  • Decreased noise levels of 46Dba sound pressure - The quietest in the market
  • Ideal for replacement installations - no change in pipework
  • For new installations, a Saniflo UP or Saniaccess 1 can be used
  • An extended warranty period of 5 years

Technical Information:

  • Pump (Vertically): 5 metres
  • Pump (Horizontally):100 metres
  • Discharge & Pipework: 22/28/32mm
  • Inlet Pipework: 40mm
  • Motor Power: 400 Watts
  • Flow Rates: 80 litres/min


  • Depth: 166mm
  • Width: 339mm
  • Height: 312mm

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Saniflo UP Macerator Pump- 6001

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