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Saniflo Macerators are manufactured by the SFA Group whose mission has remained to make it easy for homeowners to add additional bathroom and kitchen facilities to their homes without major construction work. They literally invented the macerating system and Saniflo remains the market leader in domestic and commercial macerators.  Synonymous with quality and technical expertise, their products comply with the strictest technical requirements and approvals. Every product is fabricated to the highest standards in France and thoroughly tested. Saniflo have years of experience and are always refining and enhancing their designs.

Macerators are quite a technical product, so don't rush in! Take your time to understand what's important and what isn't by reading our FREE Instant Download guide.


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  3. Saniflo Saniwall Pro Up (Tiled) - 6111

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5 Saniflo Problems and How To Fix Them

You may not need to replace an old Saniflo unit. Below are five common problems associated with Saniflo brand macerators and some quick tips on how you can fix them.



The Saniflo Is Giving Off a Terrible Smell !

Bad smells can be due to a build-up of limescale and human waste in the 2-3 inches of water that’s always left in the Saniflo. Other Macerator brands have self-cleaning technology, but Saniflo’s need to be descaled regularly. If you’ve never descaled your macerator then you may have to do this a few times to clear the smell.


Electric Shock Risk

The Saniflo Keeps Tripping The Electrics

If your Saniflo is tripping the electrics, it usually means that water is getting into it and leads to the circuit shutting off to avoid any other damages, or there’s a loose wire. Always make sure the electrics are off before you inspect the pump. If there’s an issue with the motor seal, then call a certified Saniflo engineer to repair it. If the motor is worn or faulty, this unfortunately means that you’ll have to purchase a new macerator.



Saniflo Leaks During Operation

One reason for your Saniflo leaking from the vent could be that there is a big build up of waste inside which will have to be manually removed.

It’s also possible that the motor is nearing the end of its life and can’t work as hard as it used to. This would mean the whole macerator should be replaced.

The rubber waste outlet could have shrunk because of too much toilet cleaner. If water is spraying out the vent, you will need to replace the rubber waste outlet.


Saniflo Starting on its Own

The Saniflo Starts On its Own!

There could be a few reasons as to why your pump keeps starting on its own throughout the day and night: (Excluding the possibility of a ghost!)

The microswitch is misfiring because it keeps thinking the tank is full – you will have to manually remove the waste between the switch and the tank floor and then reset the pump. If the rubber membrane is damaged, waste can then get into the switch and cause a problem. In this case, you will have to purchase a new rubber membrane and switch.



Saniflo Vibrates & Buzzes Loudly

If when flushing the toilet you hear a horrible vibrating noise, there’s probably something that has been lodged in the macerator blade. Turn off the Saniflo and remove the lid. If you see an obstruction straight away, remove it. If the foreign object is in the blade you can remove it using small pliers.



Sanicompact Back To Wall Toilet with Built-in Macerator Pump -1081

Saniflocompact toilet

Saniflocompact toilet very good service from plumbworld arrived in perfect condition and I installed it right away working perfect I would all ways go to plumbworld first choice thank you for a excellent service I am a plumber buy trade

Allen Linforth

Sanicompact Back To Wall Toilet with Built-in Macerator Pump -1081


This is a fantastic product was so simple to fit as a DIY person Plumbworld was the cheapest around and there delivery was spot on with the day and time i would definitely recommend Plumbworld and will use them again Excellent Product


Saniflo Sanitop Up Macerator Pump - 6002


The perfect item to provide a toilet in difficult places. Easy to install , resulting in an alternative to on suite cost

G. Hanning

Saniflo Sanitop Up Macerator Pump - 6002


The best brand for macerators by far.quite and powerful easy to fit and works superbly.


Saniflo Macerators – Why Would You Need One ?

Traditional plumbing systems utilize gravity to power the flow of waste to advantageously sited pipework and sewers. Yet, sometimes gravity simply isn't on your side. For example where pipework is awkwardly situated, maybe when working in a roofspace loft conversion or in an underground cellar. In these cases a macerator is the answer.

We offer an enormous selection of macerator pumps, lifting stations and combined sanitaryware units, all of which are manufactured to work with small bore pipework that is simple to connect and run to the closest soil outlet. You'll see they're low noise and inconspicuous in operation and with numerous slim line models; simple to hide away.


Saniflo Macerators – How Do They Work

Installing a toilet in a basement cellar causes problems because of the difficulty in pumping solids up to the soil drain. Whist it Is relatively easy to pump water through a height of a metre or two, pumping solid human waste is much more of a challenge.

Instead of moving waste along a drain in the floor like a traditional wc, the water travels along to the self contained macerator pump in a box located between the wall and the toilet outlet pipe. Often the pump can be completely hidden behind the wall. The macerator pump then uses a high speed revolving blade to chop & slice the waste and toilet paper converting it into a fine near liquid slurry that is then expelled under pressure through small (22mm) pipework  into the sewer or septic tank.

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