• This 3.6 bar single pump boosts supplies to a variety of appliances from tank-fed systems, and is suitable for both positive and negative head systems.
  • Selection should be based on pressure requirements. Supplied with isolating valve AV couplers.


  • To boost tank fed supplies to combination boilers, instantaneous electric showers, instantaneous electric water heaters, and washing machines/dishwashers – according to inlet pressure requirements.
  • This pump will also power conventional showers, Victorian shower heads, multi-function showers, showers with massage functions or champagne spray.
  • The ESP120CPV will also power up to four body jets
  • 2 Year Guarantee (3 years if registered with Pumpwise).


  • Closed head pressure: 120ft head (3.6 bar)
  • Max amps/watts: 2.7 amps/650 watts
  • Typical Decibel Rating: 60.4 dB
  • Rating: Continuous
  • Suitable for watercan, conventional spray and multi-functio massage shower heads
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Salamander Negative/Positive 3.6 Bar Shower Whole House Pump Reviews

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5.0/ 5
2 reviews
  • diy buff
    5/ 5

    The ESP120CPV whole house water punp is the perfect item for the shower we fitted, its powerfull and very quite, its also easy to set up for use with positve or negative pressure systems as the instructions are easy to follow, i would recomend this pump to anyone needing to up there hot water pressure

  • Graham
    5/ 5

    This pump has completely changed our supply - from a trickle in the bath and basin with a slowish flow downstairs, to a very healthy 3.6 bar. Its a great product and this was the best price I could find... and it arrived quickly.