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Is your shower not performing to the best of its abilities? Is the pressure low producing a trickle from the head? The solution? The CTFORCE20PS single impeller pump from Salamander. It’s a big upgrade at an affordable price and it’s easy to fit.

A single impeller pump is designed to pump either hot or cold water to a shower or other outlets like a tap. They are most commonly used to pump the hot supply from a water system (gravity fed) where the cold supply is fed by the mains.

They are also used when the cold water tank and hot water cylinder aren’t within a certain distance each other so for practical reasons two pumps would be used instead of a twin pump.

As with most positive head pumps it is activated by the flow of water. Normally this is about 1 litre per minute.

Anti-vibration are included to help with stability and noise reduction during operation. This means you can shower at any time of the day without the worry of waking others up.

Working in a similar way to a powered water mill, regenerative pumps take hold of the incoming water, rotates it around and then throws it back out the opposite side of the impeller. The main advantages to a pump like this are its reliability and ease of installation.

Provided with this pump is a 3 year guarantee. If registered with Pumpwise this can be increased to 5 years.


Features and Benefits:

  • Regenerative type pump
  • Compact seal
  • Continuously rated
  • Push fit flexible hoses are included (22mm) with integral isolating valves on inlets
  • 1.25 metre pre-wired power cable
  • Fully automatic
  • Crossover technology
  • Standard 5 year guarantee
  • Robust brass impeller and brass end
  • WRAS approved
  • Anti-vibration feet are included
  • Quiet 49dBA noise level


Technical Specifications:

  • 75ft head (2.0bar)
  • Max amps/watts: 3.2 amps/580 watts
  • Rating: Continuous


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Salamander CTFORCE20PS 2.0 Bar Single Impeller Positive Head Regenerative Shower Pump

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