Rimless Toilets

You may wonder what all the fuss is about when it comes to these toilets as from the outside they look just like any other toilet pan. Where you need to peer into is the inside of the bowl itself as this is where you will find (or not find in this case!) the big difference; no rim. You may wonder how this could possibly be beneficially but they’re a lot more hygienic than standard toilets, leaving less places for any bacteria or limescale to build up. Most rimless toilets shoot water around the bowl rather than spreading it around the rim meaning they can actually save you water too.

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  2. aspire-cara-back-to-wall-rimless-toilet-soft-close-seat

    Aspire Cara Back to Wall Rimless Toilet & Soft Close Seat

  3. rak-ceramics-series-600-rimless-wall-hung-pan-soft-close-toilet-seat

    Rak Ceramics Series 600 Rimless Wall Hung Pan & Soft Close Toilet Seat

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