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  • Sits under the sink
  • The perfect companion for other Reginox accessories
  • Comes with a 1-year guarantee
  • No rust or leaking
  • Suitable for the Quadra (RGNXSNK045, RGNXSNK046, RGNXSNK043, RGNXSNK044, RGNXSNK042, RGNXSNK039, RGNXSNK040, RGNXSNK041, RGNXSNK049, RGNXSNK050, RGNXSNK047, RGNXSNK048) and Easy range of sinks

Are you after what is probably the best soap dispenser ever created? Ok we know that’s a bold statement, but the Reginox square top soap dispenser is made from top of the range chrome meaning zero percent rust and one hundred percent quality!

Hand washing is a basic essential to a clean and healthy kitchen, especially if you have kids around, you want them to be able to wash their hands with ease which is where this dispenser comes in.  Want to know more? Well, its sharp and sleek design will sit pride of place on your kitchen countertop and can be used to store your dish soap, hand soap, or whatever you prefer.

Those who shudder at the thought of clutter around their kitchen sinks will have all their prayers answered with this handy solution; the tall and sleek base of the dispenser is located underneath your kitchen counter top so all you have to look at is the powerful pump. A pump which, is super easy to refill with your favourite soap, dispenses just the right amount of soap always, and never clogs, ever, which means no sticky residue for you to battle with on a daily basis.

With this soap dispenser, washing your dishes or your hands will not only be easier, it will also be a lot more economical. You will be able to get every last drip of soap from the dispenser thanks to the pump technology inside and additionally we guarantee there will be absolutely no leaks. Installation of this soap dispenser is extremely easy, even those who aren’t DIY inclined can do it.

What’s more, it’s incredibly affordable, especially when you consider the craftsmanship and technology that went into producing this piece of equipment. The only thing you can’t afford is to not have this in your home.

Key Product Information

  • Part Number: GSD02
  • Manufacturers Product Code: RGNXACC026
  • Material:  Chrome
1 Year Guarantee

£53.30 (Inc. VAT)

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