The innovative 1.5 bowl design of the Ego 475 kitchen sinks from Reginox is a popular choice for many homeowners looking for the enhanced convenience of being able to separate their sink usage in a safe and more practical way. The design features a main sink bowl that is the optimum size for washing and straining, with the addition of a smaller side sink for draining pots and pans.

With the single drainer attached to the smaller of the two bowls, drying and washing at the same time is made easy. The bordered drainer ensures that your pots and pans dry efficiently, without any concerns over spillages; while the unique groove design prevents water sitting on the drainer.

The granite composition of the Ego 475 is beautifully crafted in cream, which is a highly diverse colour that is capable of easily offsetting a broad range of worktop designs and colours. While these Reginox sinks are beautifully crafted in cream, there are also the additional practical benefits of the granite construction including high thermal resistance, great tolerance to UV light and general resistance to the wear and tear of the years.

Features and Benefits

  • The classical design of the cream sink means that it can fit the design of a broad range of kitchen styles.
  • Tired of trying to get everything accomplished in a single sink bowl? The 1.5 sink bowl design offers the extra convenience of having two bowls at hand for multiple uses and effective draining.
  • The inset fit of the Ego 475 means that you get the full benefit of the beautifully designed edges and a sleek overall finish.
  • The subtly grooved single drainer is beautifully crafted and highly effective, with a border to stop spillages and a stain resistant composition.
  • The sink features a reversible design to give you a peace of mind over its adaptability for different kitchen designs and styles.
  • The addition of semi punctured tap holes makes fitting the unit easy with less worry over damaging the sink.
  • Concerned the finish will fade over time? The UV protection ensures that the finish is designed to last for years to come.
  • As the sink is made from high-quality granite, it is suitable for the disposal of scalding liquids with an exceptional ability to withstand heat.

Technical Specifications

  • Cabinet Size: 600 mm
  • Sink Depth: 230 / 170 mm
  • Outlet Type: 3,5”
  • Dimensions of Unit: 330 x 430 / 140 x 430 mm
  • Full Unit Dimensions: 1000 x 500 mm
  • BSW Requirements: 2 x 90mm
  • Material: Metaltek or Granitek
  • Installation: Inset
10 Year Guarantee


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