Quartz Digital Exposed Rail Corner Brackets

Aqualisa Showers

Quartz Digital Exposed Rail Corner Brackets

These Aqualisa range brackets are designed to help you safely secure your shower into the corner of your shower tray, above the bath or in a wet room. The triangular shape makes them easy to fit snugly in the corner, and allow you to maximise the showering space, however tiny your bathroom and whatever the shape of your shower tray or bath. If you are looking for other Aqualisa accessories, check out our full range of kits, parts and showers.


Designed to work with an exposed shower rail, these brackets are very easy to fit as they just screw firmly into the wall. The fact that they are original Aqualisa parts guarantees their quality, and the simplicity of the design means that they will not detract from the sleek appearance of your new shower. Whether you are installing a new shower from scratch, relocating the shower or simply replacing faulty brackets, these are the ideal solution.

CE Approved

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