Plumbing Tools

Giving you the Right Tools to Do the Job.

Whether you’re fitting a new bathroom or you just want to do a little DIY around the home, you need to have the right tools for the job. We offer everything from simple plumbing tools to fix a toilet (such as spanners) down to an impressive range of power tools that allow you to the job easily and efficiently. Supplied by quality manufacturers, you can be assured that you’ll only get the best – even with a price this cheap!

  1. Hand Tools

    From £5.89
    with 15 choices

    Hand Tools
  2. Drain Cleaning Equipment

    From £5.48
    with 5 choices

    Drain Cleaning Equipment
  3. Fugi Kit

    From £8.97
    with 2 choices

    Fugi Kit


Fugi Applicator Kit (5 Piece)


i already had one of the tools and have been very pleased with it. now i have so many more options and the guide bars are a great addition. congratulations on improving a very capable product (designers) and at such a good price. any tool/tools in a made to measure box is always better in my book. ta!

Glynn K Brown

Fugi Applicator Kit (3 Piece)

Excellent product delivered by an excellent company.