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Plumbers and keen DIY-ers are clever people, but even they struggle to see round corners or behind plumbing fixtures. Every professional plumber will have at least one mirror in their tool kit of essentials, and this little square mirror should be a staple of your tool kit too. Using a mirror will allow you to spot leaks behind joists, inspect pipework in difficult to reach areas and identify problems before pipe start to spring a leak.

Sturdy and Reliable


The glass mirror is firmly encased in solid metal, so this mirror should stand up to repeated use over the years. As the frame stands proud of the glass, there is less chance of it shattering if accidentally knocked or dropped. This really is a toolbox essential, and has a whole host of uses when tackling jobs in those tricky to reach places. Check out the rest of the tools we stock if you are replenishing the tool box or building up a stash of useful items from scratch.

Size: 100 x 100mm

CE Approved

£14.97 (Inc. VAT)

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