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Traditional bathrooms add authenticity and elegance to any home, new or old. Add contemporary elements to create a new age design, or stick with classic accessories to fully indulge in this timeless trend. When creating a traditional bathroom space, it is important to obtain quality pieces that will keep looking fantastic for years to come. This is where Park Lane comes in.

The Concentric Concealed Valve that comes in this shower set is ideal for classic bathrooms as it includes a beautifully traditional cross-head with a pristine white lever. Perfectly control the water temperature and flow of your shower to ensure that you have the perfect shower, every time. The concealed style also allows for extra space in the shower for accessories. The body of this valve has been constructed using solid, high-quality brass. Brass is a fantastic material for use in shower systems because it is durable and corrosion –resistant, leaving you with a perfect looking shower for years to come. Brass is also a conductor and can withstand extremely high temperatures, thus optimising the efficiency of the shower valve. For additional comfort and operation, the handles of this valve have been manufactured using zinc, which is equally as durable but less of a conductor to keep the user safe from burns.

Fixed shower heads exude luxury, sophistication and exclusivity. They truly do speak for themselves in terms of style, and this one is no exception. The round shape of this shower head is a classic traditional shape, whilst the large 166.5 mm diameter shower head gives an exquisite shower experience, drenching you from head to toe. The fixed ceiling fitting also means that there is no need for a riser rail, which also leaves you with more space in the shower to relax and unwind.

The components of this shower have been coated with multiple layers of chrome plating. Not only does this make them look brilliantly shiny and pristine, it also massively helps with hygiene too. Chrome is really easy to clean just using warm soapy water, just be sure to avoid abrasive cleaners that can harm it.

Overall, it is clear to see how this shower will instantly upgrade your bathroom. Make a statement with a fixed shower head, and indulge in the luxury of a beautiful and powerful shower.

Valve Features and Benefits:

    • Body : Solid Brass
    • Handles : Zinc
    • Plating: Chrome
    • Easy Clean
    • Concealed
    • Inlet Connection ½”
    • 3 Year Guarantee

Flow Rates:

    • 0.5 bar : 5.9 litres/min
    • 1 bar : 6.9 litres/min
    • 3 bar : 12.3 litres/min

Shower Head Features and Benefits:

    • Large head fits easily with fixed ceiling arm
    • Easy installation
    • One powerful spray mode
    • Body : Brass
    • Plating : Chrome
    • Minimum water pressure requirement : 0.5 bar
    • Compatible with all plumbing systems
    • Shower head size: 165mm
    • 3 Year Guarantee
5 Year Guarantee

Park Lane Thermostatic Traditional Concentric Concealed Shower with Ceiling Mounted Fixed Shower Head Video



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