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  • Classic traditional style
  • Hi-tech thermostat technology
  • Bright, shiny chrome finish with ceramic details
  • Old-style rounded four-prong control handles
  • Top cross handle controls water flow
  • Lower cross handle controls water temperature
  • Lock feature for safer, more comfortable showering
  • Solid brass valve and body
  • Handles made of zinc
  • Standard size valve connections
  • For use with one water outlet
  • Chrome backplate dimensions- 22 x 12-cm
  • Distance between handles- 8-cm
  • Distance from water supply pipe to backplate- 7.6 to 9-cm
  • Distance from water supply pipe to handle 15.3-cm
  • Flow rates: 0.5-Bar at 6-l/min, 1-Bar at 10-l/min, 3-Bar at 13-l/min
  • 3-year manufacturer’s guarantee

The Park Lane Traditional Cross Handles Concealed Shower Valve combines traditional style with modern technology to give you the best of both worlds.

The two matching cross handles are mounted on a shiny chrome backplate which you can fix directly to the wall or onto tiles. With a concealed valve, the main body of the valve is hidden within the wall, so giving your bathroom a cleaner, simpler aspect. Each zinc handle has a chrome finish and a charming olde-worlde form. Each of the four prongs terminates in a gently rounded ball, and in the centre, where the prongs come together, there is a small white ceramic circle, which adds the perfect touch of elegance.

The upper cross handle controls the water flow, and the lower one the water temperature. The latest technology incorporated in the thermostat ensures that the temperature of the water remains constant. That means there will be no more potentially dangerous blasts of scalding water when someone flushes the loo, or an unpleasant sudden drop in temperature. Additionally, the lock switch allows you to set your preferred showering temperature, for a perfect shower every time.

Behind the old-style charm of the Park Lane Traditional Cross Handles Concealed Shower Valve lies the latest in shower construction and technology. The solid brass valve means that you will enjoy many years of trouble-free use, and installing your new shower valve is easy as the inlet size of G1/2 is standard and so will match up with your current fittings.

The Park Lane Traditional Cross Handles Concealed Shower Valve comes with a three-year manufacturer’s guarantee, so you can enjoy the simple charm of the old-fashioned taps with the security of the quality and performance of the modern fittings which are concealed away behind the wall.



Park Lane Traditional Cross Handles Concealed Shower Valve - One Outlet

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