Palio Express by Karndean Flooring


Palio Express by Karndean is a welcoming addition to any room, crafted to resemble traditional wood plank and stone tile effects while delivering all the benefits of hard-wearing vinyl. Designed to be hygienic and easy to fit, it can even be placed over most existing flooring.

quick and easy
no underlay
up to 35 year guarantee
comfortable underfoot
Karndean Korlock

The Korlok range is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms,  unlike traditional laminate and wood flooring, Korlok is waterproof and perfectly suited to areas prone to water spillages.

  • 5G™ drop and lock mechanism
  • Acoustic qualities (21dB)
  • Built-in acoustic backing
  • Installs over most existing hard floors
Karndean rigid core

Palio Rigids pre-attached acoustic backing means no underlay is required, in addition the click-locking mechanism allows for simple and speedy installation.

  • 2G™ click-locking mechanism
  • Acoustic qualities (19dB)
  • Installs over most existing hard floors
  • No underlay required
Karndean looselay

A flexible & time saving option Palio LooseLay is the perfect choice. Featuring friction grip backing its quick to cut and place, & easy to replace damaged planks or tiles.

  • Acoustic qualities (13dB)
  • Easy to replace
  • Friction grip backing
  • No expansion gap

Uneven Floors
Korlok| Palio Rigid


Smooth Concrete Floors
Korlok | Palio Rigid | Palio LooseLay


Existing Hard Floors
Korlok | Palio LooseLay


Existing Floorboards
Korlok | Palio Rigid | Palio LooseLay

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