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Multipanel White Colour Selection

Multipanel is a fantastic way of decorating your bathroom without time-consuming and messy tiling, as it can be installed quickly with no mess and they come in many fantastic designs and colours. Multipanels are made from a 9mm thick plywood core with a high-pressure laminate finish and come with two different types of edge. The unlipped edge panels are perfect for corners as they have square cut edges that fit together perfectly with a profile, whilst the tongue and groove connection edge are perfect for joining Multipanels together for longer lengths of wall. This selection of Multipanels have a stunning white finish, white being a popular choice for a bathroom due to its light and bright finish that matches perfectly with practically anything it’s paired with. From subtle texture designs to bold marble and granite designs, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect Multipanel Bathroom Wall Panels to create your perfect bathroom. To make it easier for you we’ve broken them down into sections, choose from: Classic Frost White, Classic White Snow, Classic Natural White, Classic Blizzard, Linda Barker Bianca Luna and Linda Barker Calacatta Marble.

  1. classic-frost-white

    Classic Frost White

    15 products
    From £54.94
  2. classic-white-snow

    Classic White Snow

    15 products
    From £87.95
  3. classic-natural-white

    Classic Natural White

    15 products
    From £79.00
  4. classic-blizzard

    Classic Blizzard

    15 products
    From £87.95
  5. linda-barker-bianca-luna

    Linda Barker Bianca Luna

    15 products
    From £84.98
  6. linda-barker-calacatta-marble

    Linda Barker Calacatta Marble

    15 products
    From £94.95