Multipanel Heritage Delano Oak 1800mm & 1200mm Sides - Solution for Corner Installations (2 walls)

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Items included:

  • 1 x 2400 x 1200mm unlipped panel
  • 1 x 2400 x 1200mm hydrolock panel
  • 1 x 2400 x 598mm hydrolock panel
  • 1 x Internal Corner Profile (silver)
  • 2 x End Cap Profile (silver)
  • 2 x Shower Tray / Bath Seal Kit
  • 3 x High-Grab Adhesive
  • 2 x Silicone Sealant - Clear
  • 1 x Silicone Sealant - White

Do you covet the sophistication and style of natural wood panelling in your home, but don’t have the budget or the time to devote to its purchase and installation? Help is at hand. This new two-wall solution from Multipanel is capable of assembly up to 75% more quickly than traditional forms of bathroom decoration, making it a godsend in terms of practicality and ease of installation. What’s more, the exquisite authenticity of its Delano Oak finish means you can enjoy the allure of a timber finish in your home, without any of the headaches and financial worries which normally accompany it.

Specifically designed for decorating corner walk-in shower and bath enclosures, the two-wall solution can be put in place in a matter of days or even hours, rather than weeks and months. Unlike tiles, which require the individual placement and grouting of every single unit, the panels can be mounted directly onto your wall’s surface in a single sheet. They slot together seamlessly to create a watertight fit using either unlipped edges with profiles or Hydrolock tongue-and-groove edges. Whichever panel size you choose you can be sure of a snug and discreet seal which won’t let moisture through – or offer any obvious places for dirt and mould to collect. This last fact makes cleaning an absolute cakewalk; simply run a wet cloth over the surface of the wall and any grime that has gathered will be instantly banished.

The panels are available in a range of sizes to ensure they meet the specific needs of any homeowner. Rooms with larger dimensions may benefit from the 1,8000mm x 1,200mm or 1,800mm x 900mm options, while a smaller space could be satisfied by either the 1,200mm x 900mm or 900mm x 900mm alternatives. Whichever size you settle upon, you can be sure the panels will stand you in good stead for many years to come. In fact, Multipanel are so confident that you’ll be happy with your purchase that they’ve included a 15-year guarantee on parts and labour for every customer. Now there’s peace of mind to write about home about.

  • Stunning decoration solution guaranteed to liven up any bathroom
  • Practical and affordable alternative to traditional tiles
  • Delano Oak aesthetic offers authentic imitation of wood panelling at fraction of cost
  • Both tongue-and-groove and unlipped edges available to maximise versatility
  • Minimise waste and expense by choosing from four different sizes
  • Textured finish
  • 15-year warranty included as standard on each product


Multipanel Hydrolock Connection System


Waterproof Connection with Hydrolock

Create a virtually seamless look thanks to Multipanel’s ingenious Hydrolock system and its interlocking edges. It’s discreet and of course watertight, fitting easily to walls including those with slight imperfections.

Multipanel Easy Installation


Easy Installation

Save money on your plumber or save time for yourself. Multipanel’s are up to 75% quicker to install then ordinary tiles meaning you can get your bathroom back to full use faster.

Multipanel Easy Cleaning


Easy Cleaning

No grout lines and large flat surface areas make these panels a dream to clean when compared with tiles. Say goodbye to your industrial mould cleaners and to serious arm ache!

Multipanel 15 Year Guarantee

15 Year Guarantee

Renovating your bathroom is a big job which is why the products we buy for it need to be of a high quality. Multipanel has been designed with durability in mind which is why they guarantee the life of their panels for 15 years, giving you total peace of mind.

Made in Britain


Made in Britain

Multipanel are proud to say that their products are designed and manufactured in their high tech factory right here UK. Help show your support for British jobs and workers with Multipanel.

15 year guarantee

Multipanel Heritage Delano Oak 1800mm & 1200mm Sides - Solution for Corner Installations (2 walls) Video


Multipanel Heritage Delano Oak 1800mm & 1200mm Sides - Solution for Corner Installations (2 walls)

£737.97 (Inc. VAT)

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