Multipanel Bathroom Wall Panel Seals & Adhesives

The absolutely worse thing that can happen to your bathroom is having a leaky shower tray or bath. When installing Multipanel bathroom wall panels, it is extremely important to ensure that all nooks and crannies are securely sealed with a sealant and no water can escape and cause damage to your bathroom walls. For this we offer special seals and adhesives made by Multipanel - The Multipanel Silicone-N Sealant, Wall Panel Grab Adhesive. The Multipanel Silicone-N Sealant offers a quick drying and effective waterproof seal which can be used with Multipanel bathroom wall panels and show panel profiles. By using the Multipanel Bathroom Wall Panel Grab Adhesive, you can ensure that your bathroom wall and ceiling panels are securely installed and watertight. It is the recommended adhesive to use with all Multipanel products and add extra stylistic features to your bathroom. Multipanel Bath and Shower Seal Kit ensure that no water can enter your bathroom walls! The kit includes a PVC white strip and a high-performance white silicone. The seal kit fully screws into place and with a special movement joint, the kit will expand and contract for guaranteed protection against water damage. So Multipanel Bath and Shower Seal Kit is an essential item to the installation of your wall panels as it provides a watertight and efficient finish in your bathroom.