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The Mr Scrappy Wireless Control Air Switch is a cheaper alternative to the Universal air switch. You can easily use this remote when there is no switch available or if it has been placed in a poor location. Another benefit of this control is that you can easily keep the transmitter out of reach of wandering little fingers. The wireless control switch has two parts – the transceiver and the remote button. One press of the button will send a signal to switch the disposer on, another will turn it off.

Super simple to use and easy to install what’s not to love about the control.

Features and benefits:

  • Type 23A battery included
  • Easy to use
  • No drilling holes though countertop or sink
  • Replaces poorly located disposer switches
  • Easily use remote when there is no switch available
  • Can be operated remotely, or manually at receiver
  • Transmitter can be easily placed out of reach of children


£137.10 (Inc. VAT)

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