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Let’s face it, the worst part about washing up is when you accidentally touch leftover food in the water (that’s enough to send a cold shiver down your spine!). Ensure this never happens again with the Mr scrappy Tool for waste disposers. The low cost, multi-purpose tool can be used with virtually all standard food waste disposers, with many different functions it is a fantastic purchase for any kitchen.

One way we like to use this tool is by using it as a food scraper, efficiently scrape all the leftover waste into your disposal unit, ensuring you don’t miss anything. You can also use it as a plunger to push food into the disposer! Another handy function is to use it as a plug for the drain, for when you’re not using the unit. It also acts a protective barrier against cutlery, ensuring that you don’t lose any silverware falling down into the disposer when draining the water away. It is also dishwasher safe, which allows for easy cleaning.

Features and benefits:

  • Multi-purpose tool for waste disposers
  • Can be used on almost all standard food waste disposers
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning


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