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If your waste disposer unit is underachieving, then it could be time to give it a good clean. This waste Disposer Care Cleaner cleans, freshens and maintains your unit to get it working as good as the day you first purchased it. It reaches deep into the hidden areas of the unit where all the grime is hiding and foams away the toughest grime and the foulest of smells to leave you with a sparkling clean disposal unit.   

We recommend that you use it weekly or as much as needed to get the best out of your disposer and waste pipes. All you have to do is follow the easy to read instructions, wait for 3 to 4 minutes and let the powerful foam take action then just wash it away, leaving you with a grease-free disposal unit and a fresh lemon scent.  

Features and benefits:

  • Cleans and maintains your disposal unit
  • Foams away grunge and odour
  • Reaches deep within the unit
  • Refreshes your sink, leaving a lemon scent
  • Recommended weekly use
  • Leave 3 to 4 minutes for full action


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