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This Beechwood Lead Dresser is a great choice for anyone who needs a high-quality tool suitable for use on all soft metals such as sheet lead, zinc, copper and aluminium…whether you’re planning on working on a roof or on a more artistic project this lead dresser is a great choice.

The Beechwood Lead Dresser is as its name suggests, made from the best quality hardwood, economical and well constructed and it is ergonomically designed to maximise comfort with plenty of space for knuckle clearance. You can work for hours when using the Beechwood Lead Dresser and not graze your hands once! The ultra smooth finish on this dresser will ensure that your work will be of the highest quality and with minimum effort.

Long lasting and well made, this is the sort of tool you only need to buy once…it will keep giving for many years no matter how hard you work it!

  • Made with sufficient lift to clear users knuckles.
  • No.5. 8.1/2IN X 2.1/2IN - 215-63 mm Face Size

£18.97 (Inc. VAT)

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