Modern Toilet & Basin Bathroom Suite Value Packs

When you’re buying anything online you want to know that you’re getting the right products, products which are going to be compatible with each other. Sometimes this can be tricky if you don’t have the know how or you’ve never purchased a bathroom before, nonetheless it’s easier than you think, especially with out beautiful collection of modern bathroom suite valve packs. These particular packs come with a ceramic basin rather than a vanity unit and depending on the space that you want to fill they can include a shower and some taps too. They all benefit from contemporary styling so a seamless installation within a modern bathroom is easy.

  1. modern-toilet-basin-l-shaped-bath-packs

    Modern Toilet, Basin & L Shaped Bath Packs

    77 products
    From £399.00
  2. modern-toilet-basin-p-shaped-bath-packs

    Modern Toilet, Basin & P Shaped Bath Packs

    26 products
    From £399.97
  3. modern-toilet-basin-single-ended-bath-packs

    Modern Toilet, Basin & Single Ended Bath Packs

    54 products
    From £299.97
  4. modern-toilet-basin-double-ended-bath-packs

    Modern Toilet, Basin & Double Ended Bath Packs

    69 products
    From £229.97
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