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The technological age is still advancing, bringing with it digitised showers for a cleansing experience tailored to your preferences. This high-spec thermostatic technology is just what you need to make your showers the very best part of your day!

The wireless vision controller gives you complete power over your shower even when you are not in the room! With a range of up to 10m, you can put your shower on in the morning when you first open your eyes, giving the shower time to warm up as you snuggle in your bed for an extra five minutes. The warm-up function pauses the shower at the temperature you choose, so that it is ready to go as soon as you are!

Once you are in the shower, the digital display keeps you informed of the time, ensuring you are not late for work or any social gatherings. If you are concerned about energy use, you can choose the eco mode, which dims the backlight and gives you a five-minute timer, so that you save battery life, water, time and money with a quick wash. If the temperature is not quite right, the easy-to-use digital display allows you to increase or decrease it, as well as giving you the option to tailor the water flow to your liking.

Concerned about younger or older members of the family in the shower? Set a maximum temperature limit, so that you can feel secure in the knowledge that nobody will be able to burn themselves on water that is too hot.

Controller Features:

  • Add an extra wireless remote for a convenient back-up control.
  • The maximum temperature limit ensures the whole family can shower safely.
  • Different modes for different occasions, for example, warm-up mode and eco-mode.
  • Works perfectly with the Mira Vision digital showers.
  • Five-year guarantee.

Suitable for use with most shower units, especially those that are powered by a combi boiler for the highest pressure, you will wonder how you ever managed to cope without this useful control package.

5 Year Guarantee



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