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Ensure you are always in control of shower-time with our innovative water pressure controller. This unique wireless dual controller ensures your showers are exactly as you’d like, whether you are adjusting the speed and temperature from inside or outside the bathroom.

This controller kit comes as part of your choice of shower fittings, so that you can have a shower style and function that is completely adapted to your needs and preferences. You can set the exact flow and temperature that you’d like, incorporating a maximum temperature setting – an ideal feature for those families with young children, eliminating the risk of water burns. It also includes a high-pressure option. Adjusting your requirements is super-simple, with your perfect shower just a click away.

If you want to run the shower a while in order to let it warm up before you get in, you don’t even have to be in the same room! The wireless controller works up to 10m away, so that you can finish off whatever else you are doing before stepping into the ideal water temperature. Simply select the warm-up mode and it will heat up to your pre-set temperature, so you can adjust as necessary when you are underneath the water.

If you are worried about wasting water, the eco-function allows you to keep track of your shower time and water usage, displaying a five-minute timer to ensure you are in and out of the water in an efficient amount of time. The digital display also shows a digital clock, so that you can keep an eye on the time when you are getting ready for work, social events, or just when you want to be out of the shower in time to catch your favourite programme.

Dual Controller Features:

  • Dual controls for adjusting the shower within a 10m radium.
  • Maximum temperature settings for increased family safety.
  • Eco-friendly function to save water and battery use.
  • Five-year guarantee.

The future of showering is technological and efficient, making cleansing even more fun and your bathroom ever-so-stylish.

5 Year Guarantee



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