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The Mira Vision Digital Concealed Shower (Pumped for Gravity) is the definition of modern functionality and style, with wireless digital technology, it provides absolute control. With two showerheads, you can now experience ultimate luxury every time you take a shower. This product combines a flawless chrome design with fascinating performance, one that only Mira can produce. This digital shower will fit in perfectly with any contemporary style bathroom.

The accurate thermostatic temperature control is a brilliant feature of this shower. It ensures a consistent and safe showering experience every time, making it safe for all the family. It features advanced adjustable temperature control technology controlled by the separate wireless remote controller. You wont be blasted by too hot water, or by freezing cold water, particularly as it features a useful warm-up mode, thus meaning that you can warm up your shower before you even get in, perfect for those with busy lifestyles.

Features and benefits:

  • Flawless chrome design
  • Includes a brilliant wireless remote controller
  • Precise temperature control, using advanced technology
  • Easy to fit and maintain
  • Features a maximum temperature control, ensuring a safer showering experience
  • You can adjust the temperature with the button, and controller
  • Warm up mode
  • Optional Eco shower setting
  • Unique Spray experiences
  • Features a 250mm deluge fixed showerhead
  • Also includes a Mira 360 showerhead with 4 spray settings

Technical information:

  • Cold water range: 1C - 20C
  • Hot Water range: 55C - 65C
  • Automatic Shutdown
  • Water Entry points: Back - Rear Fed
  • Inlet connections: 15mm Push Fit
  • Flow rate: up to 16l/min at 1 Bar


Ensuring a Reliable Signal From the Wireless Controller

Just like a mobile phone, there are many ways in which the communication signal can be interrupted. Other radio frequency (RF) devices, including high powered Wi-Fi routers, nearby PV inverters, baby alarms, outdoor weather stations, etc can reduce or distort the signal. The Mira Wireless Digital control should be installed not more than 10m away from the digital mixer, in an area where the wireless communication will not be blocked – for example by a metal hot water cistern or on foil backed plasterboard. Before installing the digital mixer and user interface, place them in the required positions to check that they work, by providing a temporary power supply to the digital mixer.


Mira 5 Year Limited Warranty

The Mira guarantee covers the original purchaser & installation. Mira charges a nominal call out fee (around £80) for non-product faults (such as damage or issues arising from incorrect installation, improper use, inappropriate cleaning, lack of maintenance, limescale, frost damage, chemical attack, corrosion, system debris or blocked filters) or if the engineer finds no fault. The product must be installed and maintained per the instructions. Repair under this guarantee does not extend the original expiry date for either the replacement parts or the shower.

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CE Approved 5 Year Guarantee

Mira Vision 1.1797.104 Digital Shower Concealed with Wireless Remote Controller (Pumped for Gravity) Video

Mira Vision Digital Concealed Shower (Pumped for Gravity) - 1.1797.104
Mira Vision Digital Concealed Shower (Pumped for Gravity) - 1.1797.104
Mira Vision Digital Concealed Shower (Pumped for Gravity) - 1.1797.104

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