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Mira Sport Electric Shower 10.8kW White & Chrome

59 reviews

£238.68 (Inc. VAT)

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Mira Sport Best Selling Shower

The UK's No 1 Selling Electric Shower

More home owners choose the Mira Sport Shower than any other electric shower range on the market. It's the UK's number one for a reason!


Patented Sensi-Flo Safety Technology

Sensi-flo™ technology is designed to protect the shower user, preventing scalding and making the showering experience safer.


Patented ClearScale Technology

Reduces limescale build up better than any other electric shower, by up to 50%.


Patented Opti-Flo Technology

The Patent protected Opti-Flow technology automatically delivers up to 50% more flow in the summer months when the incloming water supply temperature is higher


Phased Shut Down

Gradually flushes the hot water from the tank after shutdown, making it safer and less prone to limescale damage.


Tested longer and harder than other electric showers

Mira test their electric showers to 7,500 on/off cycles. This is the same as a family of two taking a shower once a day, every day for 10 years!


Patented Dual Element Technology

A unique (patent protected) heater tank design that runs at a cooler temperature to provide constant element power and reduce limescale ‘hot-spots’.

Mira Sport Accreditations

Exceeds The Requirements Of The Most Demanding Standards

BEAB Approved, CE Marked and Kiwa Certified, The Mira Sport Exceeds the requirements of all the major testing and quality standards.

Mira Sport Retrofit

Easy to Install as a new shower or an upgrade

Retrofits onto inlets of most Mira electric showers. Adjustable slide bar fits over holes left by previous shower kit.


Fully Featured Top End Handset

4 spray 11cm showerhead with rub clean nozzles.


The Mira Sport Electric Shower is Britain’s best-selling shower, and with this refreshed look and improved fittings it will easily cement its place at the top spot.

It’s popular because it’s reliable, simple to use, affordable, and has a lifespan that will have you enjoying it for years to come. The improved version is even better, allowing you to enjoy a shower and be safe in the knowledge that it will always be giving you its best,

Features and Benefits:

  • Finished in an attractive white and chrome that’s easy to wipe clean.
  • The temperature will remain consistent thanks to advanced pressure stabilised temperature control.
  • Fine tune your ideal shower with flow power and temperature controls that are separate from the on/off switch. This also allows you to leave your ideal settings in place whenever you turn the shower off.
  • Mira Sensi-Flo is designed to prevent the risk of scalding if water pressure is lost or the showerhead/hose becomes blocked.
  • Used Clearscale technology to cut limescale development in half so the shower lasts longer and consistently performs its best.
  • An Opti-Flo system optimises the rate of water flow throughout the year.
  • Phased shutdown will flush hot water from the tank so that it’s safe to use for the next person.
  • Includes a large 100mm showerhead with 4 satisfying spray patterns and rub-clean nozzles to easily remove limescale build-up.
  • Also includes an adjustable slide bar that simply fits over holes left by a previous shower kit.
  • Covered by a 2-year manufacturer guarantee that features a dedicated Mira helpline and Mira engineer home visits.

Technical Information:

  • Compatible for use with a mains cold water supply.
  • Power rating: 10.8kW.
  • Minimum running pressure: Designed to operate with a minimum maintained inlet pressure of 70kPa (0.7 Bar) up to a maximum static inlet pressure of 1000 kPa (10 Bar).


Electric Showers - Requires Cold Water Feed

Cold water supply only

Electric showers are by far the most convenient to install. They connect to a cold water supply only and not to your boiler, warming the water using an element inside the shower. So if you're worried about your brother, sister, partner or anybody else using all the hot water in the house then this electric shower is certainly for you. Because no matter how much you us it, it won't run out or let you down when it comes to heat.


Made in the UK

For 100 years, Mira have been designing, manufacturing, and assembling their products right here in the UK. State-of-the-art manufacturing processes and advanced equipment is used at both the Cheltenham and Hull manufacturing plants. This ensures the highest level of quality no matter the product being made. And for complete peace of mind, Mira test every single product and spare part before it leaves their factories, guaranteeing that they exceed the industry recommendations.


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Mira 2 Year Warranty

The Mira guarantee covers the original purchaser & installation. 



Mira approved online retailer


CE Approved 10mm cable size Mira Clearscale

Mira Sport Electric Shower 10.8kW White & Chrome Video




Components Complete Showers
Type Electric
Outlets Single Outlet
Style Contemporary
Colour White
Head Type Handset
Low Pressure Suitable No
Combi Boiler Suitable Yes
High Pressure Suitable Yes
Mobile App Connectivity No
Amazon Alexa Connectivity No
Google Home Connectivity No
Power 10.8 kW
Spray Patterns 4
Temperature Control Manual
BEAB Care No
RNIB Approved No

Mira Sport Electric Shower 10.8kW White & Chrome

£238.68 (Inc. VAT)

Stock status: 4 Available
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59 Product Reviews

  • Stephany Cohen
    5/ 5

    Bought this shower to replace an aging Sport Max that was beginning to show it's age and this new model is almost a revelation. I like to feel plenty of water when I shower - I hate having to dance around to catch the drips!This new Sport Max is the best electric I have ever used for waterflow. The large head gives good coverage and there is plenty of flow. The big temperature control dial makes it really easy to adjust your shower to exactly how you want it and the new shower is lovely and quiet. Overall a big improvement (on what was already a good shower)that makes showering a very pleasant experience. What more can you ask

  • PhilSamworth
    5/ 5

    Item purchased in the new year, this item was at the lowest price for an unused appliance that I found on the web. Delivery was very quick, infact delivered 3 days before promised date!!!!!! Communications from seller were excellent, had several e-mails during sale and after delivery, very impressed with customer relations. will definatley use this company again in the future. Well done on a very good after sales service, something to be proud of in this day and age!! A++++++++++++ Maybe some of the other traders should take a leaf from your book.

  • Braylen Matthews
    5/ 5

    Got this shower fitted earlier this week so it's early days yet but so far we are very pleased with it. It is very neat and compact and feels well-made, a nice looking shower. We particularly like the large shower head - it gives a really good drenching. We had a plumber to fit it as we also needed the wiring re-doing to accomodate a 10.8 kw shower but he didn't report any difficulties. Overall a great shower. We are very pleased.

  • John
    5/ 5

    This replaced my old Mira 7.3kw shower which still worked but thermostat had stuck. Although these are advertised as direct replacements, you still have to alter the plumbing and wiring as they are in different positions from the original. New shower is better, knob is bigger and whole thing is easier to control with a better shower head and better flow of water. it looks better too.

  • Allyson May
    5/ 5

    When you're buying over the Internet, you hope you will get fast, efficient service with value for money and a supplier who really cares about their customers . . . . you don't really think you'll get it, but you can hope! . . . . In the case of Plumbworld, that hope is EXACTLY what was delivered . . . in Spades, in full, 5-star. Thank you so very much. Peter.

  • David Fitzhugh
    5/ 5

    This product was a replacement for a tank fed shower with very little pressure. This mains fed electric shower is ten times better and I wish we had fitted this type originally. The price at Plumbworld was the lowest I could find on the internet. Delivery was by courier and arrived when expected. Overall a very good product backed up by excellent service.

  • Lea Ruiz
    5/ 5

    shower arrived sooner than anticipated & was easy to install (were taking out/replacing a similar model) the power is great, large head with a number of spray settings, simple controls, the head is easy to move up & down the bar with the lever action - ideal for the whole family as we all like different heights/temperature & pressure

  • Helen
    5/ 5

    shower arrived sooner than anticipated & was easy to install (were taking out-replacing a similar model) the power is great, large head with a number of spray settings, simple controls, the head is easy to move up & down the bar with the lever action - ideal for the whole family as we all like different heights-temperature & pressure

  • Mr A. Singh
    5/ 5

    This is a quality shower by Mira. All Fittings are robust and of a quality standard. The shower heats up well, however the flow reduces the warmer you turn it, especially during winter months. Also the power button has to be pressed quite firmly in order to swith it on. Other than these points I am happy with my purchase.

  • Barbara from Liverpool
    5/ 5

    Bought this Mira shower to replace the old Mira which had died! It is fab. No trouble replacing it. No need to redrill or change position of shower or shower rod. All fitted perfectly. What a joy. Also paid extra for fast delivery and was delivered by courier the next day. What a service. Very pleased.

  • Maddox Barton
    5/ 5

    My previous Mira Sport lasted 10 years and gave me great service.I then contacted my local electrical engineer who recommended another Mira Sport to keep costs down as plumbing should be identical.Thankfully it was the same. Plumbworld site was easy to navigate and I thought the price was very good.

  • jblo1
    5/ 5

    Good Service, as always from Plumbworld. Mira Sports shower very good. Works from cold water mains feed and is very much better (much stronger water pressure) than the header tank mira shower it replaced. Would recommend this 10.8kw shower. It has been in about a week and totally satisfied.

  • pelham
    5/ 5

    This was a replacement shower for a Mira sport purchased and heavily used for 8 years. The profile was the same. The plumber was able to replace the shower in half an hour with no problems and no new holes drilled in existing tiling. The new unit was slightly wider but there was enough space.

  • Leonie
    5/ 5

    We chose the Mira Sport to replace an ancient equivalent model. I'm so glad we did as it made fixing so much easier with the pipes etc in the same (or similar) place to previously. I would recommend for ease of fitting - and the shower is great too!

  • Angep
    5/ 5

    Customer Service side from start to finish was excellent, service quick and efficient. Was not dissapointed when the shower arrived - it is sleek - contemporary and powerful. Would definately recommend this shower and plumbworld as a whole.

  • Angep
    5/ 5

    Customer Service side from start to finish was excellent, service quick and efficient. Was not dissapointed when the shower arrived - it is sleek / contemporary and powerful. Would definately recommend this shower and plumbworld as a whole.

  • JoonBroon
    5/ 5

    This product was much cheaper than other websites I checked and the delivery was within two days of ordering! Very pleased with the whole service. Would definitely recommend using this company. First place Ill look next time! Many thanks

  • the greek
    5/ 5

    very happy with the shower ,powerful and a good spray head and settings. good service from purchase to delivery,would not hesitate buying other products from plumbworld ,thank you and sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

  • Keith Walters
    5/ 5

    Excellent, very powerful shower. Bought to replace previous Mira 10.8 shower which had lasted for 17 years. Easy to install with existing fittings. Good size adjustable shower head. Highly recommend.

  • Howard
    5/ 5

    Got the Mira at a great price and delivery was really quick, shower itself is really good, i got this for my mother in law and she is really happy with it, would not hesitate in using Plumbworld again

  • Rob
    5/ 5

    Emergency purchase, wanted the jump but as we have a left side inlet this was not possible. Would have liked the option of a chrome head at a reasonable extra cost (not the cost of a new head).

    5/ 5

    This Mira shower was v simply to install simply switching with the older Mira Sport. No oddball variations at all. Very pleased with the look and performance. A great buy.

  • David
    5/ 5

    Both my wife and I love our new shower,We previously had a mira sport 9.5 kw and that extra kw,s make a great difference, in performance and power we love it.

  • bzt
    5/ 5

    I bought this to replace an older model Mira Sport. Fitting was simplified by the fact that the fitting are in almost the exact same position on the unit.

  • Rob Taylor
    5/ 5

    Fast and efficient service. Just installed the shower and about to test it. Easy to install, well thought out design and looks good. Hope it will work OK!

  • Jayvion Perkins
    5/ 5

    Can't fault it....great product,great price, great service. Would definitely use again and recommend Plumbworld to anyone. Many Thanks again.

  • Jassy
    5/ 5

    I have been using the shower for a month now and the output is amazing. It is almost like using a power shower. I am extremely happy with it.

  • Geraldinio
    5/ 5

    Excellent service; ordered on Wednesday, delivered on Friday. Easily installed by plumber and electrician. Worked first time out of the box.

  • Hoopoedi
    5/ 5

    I bought this shower to replace the same model which was installed 13 years ago. The new model looks good and works well.

  • Ray Hart
    5/ 5

    This replaced our mira shower which had been used daily for ten years. If this one lasts as long we will be well pleased.

  • Martin
    5/ 5

    I am very please with the shower, its performance across the range of power and temperature settings is very good.

  • Naimh
    5/ 5

    This is a very good shower and can replace the older model very well without the need to move tiles or anything

  • Andrew
    5/ 5

    a simple phone call and all was sorted no quibble ,returned item and had an email to thank me for safe return

  • Susie lorimer
    5/ 5

    Reasonable power and sleek look. Happy with the service and the product. Would definitely recommend.

  • Martin Smith
    5/ 5

    Brilliant shower, easy to install and very quiet operation. Very good flow rate on high power.

  • Adrian
    5/ 5

    Great! Best Internet. Price and arrived quickly. Follow up emails to check that all was well.

  • George Risk
    5/ 5

    Saved £50 on this shower compared to another supplier, good quality shower and fast delivery