Mira Slide Rail Brackets - Clamp Bracket (411.23)

The bracket which attaches the shower head to the riser bar is often the weakest part of the whole shower system, and can be prone to breaking or splitting with use, especially when people are constantly adjusting the shower head for height or taking it in and out of the bracket. There’s no need to replace the whole shower or even the whole riser bar if that happens, all you need to do is invest in some of these handy little clamp brackets.

Mira Range

Designed to be compatible with the Mira Response slide bracket which is 22mm, the clamp bracket fits firmly over the riser bar and holds your shower head in place. This is an original Mira part, not a cheaper imitation part, and is made from high quality plastic. This is an effective and practical way of repairing minor damage to your shower and enable you to keep using it for many more years.

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Mira Slide Rail Brackets - Clamp Bracket (411.23) Reviews

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5.0/ 5
25 reviews
  • Ignacio Vazquez
    5/ 5

    As always from Plumworld quick service and easy look up on the pc. I moved to my new house 11 years ago and I have been delighted with my Mira Showers that were placed in the bathrooms. However parts do not last forever and with a full house using things all the time they do need replacing now and again. The showers are one of the few things that I have found to be able to get parts for easily and swiftly, with other appliances having to be replaced because parts are hard to find or simply not available. If it is to do with plumbing though Plumworld always come through well. Keep up the good work Plumworld your company is a rarity these days!

  • Aspen Fleming
    5/ 5

    I was genuinely concerned. When I went to my local DIY store looking for this part they said look online. That wasn't very helpful to be honest. The only information I had was the shower model, an approximate date of manufacture and a description - the thing that holds the shower head thing in place! Not a lot to go on. Then I found PlumbWorld. With PlumbWorlds excellent online images, I was able to track down the precise part (it's a slide rail bracket), order online and have it delivered to my door within three days. Five minutes had it fitted. Delighted with the whole experience from start to finish.

  • Ashlee Elliott
    5/ 5

    Our shower rail bracket broke several weeks ago and i had been having a lot of trouble finding the correct replacement (due to plumber fitting a different model/range of shower to the bracket) - i managed to find it on plumbworld from the detailed photos and then ordered and it arrived as promised 2 days later. I can't fault the product or the service and will be recommending your site to all friends and family. Nice to find a company on the internet that actually takes an interest in customer service.

  • Karli Flynn
    5/ 5

    I was pleasantly surprised to find this part for my shower which is at least 10 years old. The design is exactly the same as the broken part it has replaced. I was confused to find two items which appeared to be exactly the same on the site. I choose the one which gave the mm size for the diameter of the pipe (the other one didn't mention size)fortunately this was the right size. Good service, prompt delivery.