Transform your existing shower into one of the UK's most popular brands of shower. Mira offers a shower of absolute quality and the highest standards of manufacturing techniques. The Mira Mode Dual Shower uses the very latest technologies in order to offer fantastic benefits.

One benefit that this stunning shower offers is that it has precise thermostatic temperature control, meaning that you can control the maximum temperature, ensuring you and your family can enjoy a much a safer shower experience. All you have to do is simply twist the controller to find your preferred temperature and voila!! For even more control, you can download the free Mira Mode app. The app features controls such as warming up your shower before you even get in! You can set the duration of your shower, meaning you won't spend too long in there. You can also customise the maximum temperature to achieve your ideal showering experience.

The shower valve is super easy to install, meaning you can enjoy your dream shower a lot faster than you think. Please note that this Shower valve is only compatible with high pressure or combination water systems, but we do also offer a pumped version for those who have a lower pressure water system, ensuring everyone can enjoy the experience of the Mira Mode Dual Shower.


Features and benefits:

  • Turn your existing shower into the Mira Mode Dual with this Valve
  • Flawless Design with a beautiful chrome finish, featuring LED lights on the controller
  • Simple to use push button controller
  • Precise thermostatic temperature control
  • PLEASE NOTE: that this is for High-pressure/combination water systems only
  • Fantastic 5-year guarantee, for that added piece of mind


Mira approved online retailer
5 Year Guarantee

Mira Mode Dual Shower Valve & Controller - HP / Combi - 1.1874.015 Video


Techincal Drawings

Mira Mode Dual Shower Valve & Controller - HP / Combi - 1.1874.015

£353.53 (Inc. VAT)

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