Mira Mini Valve Adjustable Elbow Retrofit Kit – Chrome

This ingenious little invention enables a Mira mini valve (which boasts water supply pipes that are 110mm apart) to be connected to existing pipework, as many mixer showers have supply pipes between 133-153mm apart. This is great as it means you won’t need to re-plumb or rip out any existing tiling.

The pack contains adjustable elbows and a back plate to retrofit your Mira shower, so you can easily fit your shower without having to spend the time and money on finding an exact match.

So, if you can’t bear to be without your beloved Mira Mixer Shower, then you need to get your hands on the Mini Valve Adjustable Elbow Retrofit Kit, pronto.

Product information:

  • Retrofit kit to plumb your Mira Mixer Shower to existing pipework
  • No need to re-plumb or re-tile
  • Pack contains adjustable elbows and back plate
  • Saves money, time and hassle of finding the right valve

Please check your existing pipework and the pipe centres of your new shower valve to ensure it is compatible.


Please note that this kit is only compatible with the below Mira products;



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Mira Mini Valve Adjustable Elbow Retrofit Kit - Chrome Reviews

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5.0/ 5
3 reviews
  • Tony
    5/ 5

    This product is very cleverly designed to allow the connection pipes of the shower mixer to be adjusted to match the existing pipe pitch removing any need to dismantle the wall,brilliant. My only suggestion is these should be supplied as standard with the mixer removing the need to junk the fixed pitch connections which is really wasteful

  • Khloe Woodward
    5/ 5

    Minimal effort required to convert the Mini Valve. If replacing an existing valve whose distance between pipework centres are difficult to match, saves all the practical costs and time involved of trying to find an exact match and no-one would know any different. Also no time. effort and cost in having to re-tile etc.

  • cockney
    5/ 5

    Very easy to fit,adapts well to exsisting pipework due to the fact that you can move the adapters.