Mira Elite QT Pumped Electric Showers

With many types of showers to choose from, the Mira Elite QT stands out from the crowd with its impressively quiet system and powerful performance. The Mira Elite QT is 75% quieter than any other pumped electric shower, keeping with the peace of your relaxing showering experience with no annoying sounds interrupting your zen. The shower features and easy to clean filter and ‘Clearscale’ technology which keeps damaging and unsightly limescale at bay. The showerhead has 4 fantastic spray options to suit your mood and even has a separate controller to manage the flow and temperature of your water. When choosing between a range of electric showers, the Mira Elite QT comes up top!

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  2. Mira Elite QT Electric Shower - 9.8kW White & Chrome

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    Mira Elite QT Pumped Electric Shower - 9.8kW White & Chrome - 1.1845.001