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The Eco shower heads give you the same invigorating shower, but reduce water consumption and heating costs while doing so. It's a greener way to get cleaner.

Mira ECO Handset reduces the amount of water needed thanks to its aeration device and therefore uses less energy to heat the water.

  • Ecofficient technology creates aerating action, using the venturi principal
  • Saves up to 75% water and still delivers a great performance
  • Eco spray gives full coverage and a greater performance across all three aerating spray modes, Start, Soothe and Force
  • Aerating water creates larger droplets filled with air bubbles
  • Droplets explode on impact providing great coverage
  • Reducing the amount of water means less energy is used
  • No loss in number of nozzles, no reduction in nozzle size, just a great saving in water and energy costs
  • Available in Chome or White
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CE Approved

Mira Eco Water Saving Adjustable Mode Shower Head Chrome Video


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Mira Eco Water Saving Adjustable Mode Shower Head Chrome Reviews

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4.8/ 5
9 reviews
  • lordmasterpiece24
    5/ 5

    Are you looking to buy a shower-head giving you the experience of those available in a 5-star hotel!!! If you are looking for a Quality shower-head, then take my advise and stop your search here. Before buying this shower-head, I always wondered whats the difference between a low cost shower-head and a feature-laden branded product like this one. It really saves energy as it says since it needs very little hot water supply which would save energy cost in the longer run. The shower it produces is very continuous and comfy compared to *other* shower-heads. It comes with additional screw-valve to control the speed of water flow which is quite handy. Absolutely no problem so far even after using it over a month...

  • shower addict
    5/ 5

    Having bought a new shower, we thought it would be good to watch our carbon footprint by trying to be economical with water. I was quite sceptic that the product would come up to what it was cracked up to be. When it was fitted and working, I was bowled over with the results, it works, works well, and has certainly come up to standard. Im enjoying the best showers Ive had for years!!

  • James Martin
    5/ 5

    An amazing improvement on the unrestricted water flow of the Hansgrohe Croma! With 4 litres per minute less, the airating makes the water feel just as heavy as the previous shower head, but with the 2 intensity settings which are effortless to select, the power is more invigorating than the Croma, without the need for larger water tanks and an expensive power shower.

  • Gael Perkins
    5/ 5

    The handset is as I exoected, light to use, looks good in a modern shower unit, saves water but gives a good shower and it's delivery from Plumworld was very prompt. I would recommend it and the company.

  • Bikertel
    5/ 5

    Read about these in the press and wanted to try it. The shower does feel much better than normal with a stronger feel. Well worth the money.

  • mack
    5/ 5

    the eco shower head was a perfect fit and looks good in my bathroom,the only complaint that i have is (it was expensive)

  • Jefferson Peterson
    5/ 5

    lovely head for my shower at a great price