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Designed specifically for the Mira Mixer Shower, this is the perfect method for getting your water to exactly the right temperature – so no more hopping around in showers that are too hot or too cold!

The module utilises a digital display to show both water temperature and the time, so now there’s no excuse for being late for work. The control mechanism also ensures the most precise control.

The unit can be fitted to your valve or wall mounted, allowing you to take shower bliss to the next level.

Features and Benefits

  • Tried and tested Mira design and functionality
  • Auto updating radio controlled clock for accurate time display
  • Display automatically cycles between time and temperature so you can shower in comfort
  • Extra long battery life

Who are Mira?

Mira are the ultimate shower specialists, and have become the UK’s most popular brand of showers and accessories.

Established way back in 1921, they produce industry-leading showers, fittings, enclosures and wall panels, and can be found in homes and business premises around the world.

This Agile Sense accessory highlights their commitment to innovation and usability – ensuring you can enjoy your shower experience with complete confidence.



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