Mi Flue Black Aduro 9-1 Freestanding Wood Burning Stove 6kW - Eco Design & DEFRA Approved

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Mi Flue Stoves - Eco Ready

Ecodesign for efficiency

You may be surprised to hear that Ecodesign is not actually in force yet in the UK. It’s due to come into action in 2022 though so it really is something to consider if you’re looking to buy a stove. An Ecodesign designed stove means that they’ve been designed to burn extremely cleanly and extremely efficiently. The PM emission level is a massive 55% lower than that of a Defra exempt stoves, so this gives you an idea of exactly how efficient they are. Ensure you’re always ahead of the times with an Ecodesign stove.

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Saltfire Stoves - Defra Approved

Defra approved

Defra stands for the Department of Environment, Farming and Rural Affairs. Being Defra approved in short means that the stove has been tested and passed the UK governments criteria for emission levels and the amount of smoke that’s allowed to be produced during all stages of normal use. This means it’s great for use in all types of home, even in the middle of a town or city.

Saltfire Stoves - Steel

Steel build

Steel is a great material to manufacture stoves from. A steel stove won’t retain heat for quite as long as a cast iron stove but if you’re looking for something that’ll heat up fast and get the temperature of the room rising quickly then there is no better option.

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Saltfire Stoves - Black Finish

Black finish

When you think of a traditional stove design you think of it being black. It’s by far the most popular colour choice and it’s great for concealing a multitude of sins when it comes to dirt. These stoves are finished in an extremely hard-wearing, heat-resistant paint that’ll stay looking great not matter what you throw at it.

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Mi Flue Stoves - Aduro Smart Control System

Optional Aduro Smart Control System

Can be used with the Aduro smart control system which is controlled by mobile app - allows you to light the fire whenever you want. It's easy to operate and helps you get the best combustion and optimal usage of your firewood. This feature can reduce fire consumption by up to 40%!

Purchase separately as an add on when adding to the basket.

2 year guarantee

2 Year guarantee

The Mi-Flue stoves come with a 2 year guarantee as standard but this can easily be extended to 5 years when you register the stove here: http://www.adurofire.com/warranty/


Mi Flue Black Aduro 9-1 Freestanding Wood Burning Stove 6kW - Eco Design & DEFRA Approved Video


Mi Flue Black Aduro 9-1 Freestanding Wood Burning Stove 6kW - Eco Design & DEFRA Approved

£1550.00 (Inc. VAT)

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