Marseille Bathroom Suites

This range of bathroom suites is the epitome of modern, crisp and clean design. With the use of angular edges and a classic white finish, this suite will bring any bathroom up-to-date in terms of design. Not only does this range provide you with designer-style aesthetics and functionality, it remains affordable. You cannot go wrong with an Affiné Bathroom Suite.

  1. Affine Marseille Bathroom Suite

    Marseille Cloakroom Suite

  2. marseille-single-ended-bath-suite

    Marseille Bathroom Suite - Single Ended Bath

  3. marseille-double-ended-bath-suite

    Marseille Bathroom Suite - Double Ended Bath

  4. marseille-shower-bath-suite

    Marseille Bathroom Suite - L Shaped Shower Bath

  5. marseille-shower-bath-suite

    Marseille Bathroom Suite - P Shaped Shower Bath

  6. marseille-freestanding-bath-suite-square

    Marseille Bathroom Suite - Freestanding Bath