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Any sort of work on the drains usually starts with lifting the manhole cover to get access to the pipes, and this is almost impossible without the correct tools. These sturdy manhole keys are an essential for the tool box of anyone undertaking work on the drains either professionally or at home. Both are the same size and are designed to be able to lift light duty manhole covers.

Multi-purpose tools

The T-shaped handle of this tool makes lifting manhole covers far easier than using keys with a hooped shaped handle. Even better, one end of the T-shaped handle is shaped like a chisel, and this allows you to help lever up a particularly stubborn manhole cover or undertake many other tasks. These are sturdy, durable pieces of kit which are indispensable in anyone’s home emergency tool kit. These manhole keys offer outstanding value for money given the quality of the materials used to make them.

  • 'D' shaped end
  • 5" (125mm) length
  • 4" (100mm) handle width
  • Designed to facilitate the removal of light duty manhole covers
  • Tee handle incorporates chisel end
CE Approved

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