Linda Barker Stone Elements Complete Solutions

The great thing about the Linda Barker Stone Elements design is that it has a soft stone pattern featuring a mix of light to medium browns, creating a natural stone design that will look fantastic in any bathroom. Multipanels are made using waterproof plywood that is covered in a durable patterned laminate, giving you many designs and colours to choose from. The panels have two different types of edge, an unlipped straight edge (for corners) or a hydrolock tongue and groove edge that join panels together seamlessly. There’s nothing worse than forgetting something when you’re about to install, so these complete solutions come with everything you need to get your Multipanels installed in no time. Choose from Linda Barker Stone Elements Solution for Corner Installations (2 walls) and Multipanel Linda Barker Stone Elements Solution for Alcove Installations (3 walls), with both packages coming complete with panels, profiles, end caps, seal kits, adhesive and sealant. If you want to see what the panel colour and design looks like in your bathroom before you buy, then you can purchase our Linda Barker Stone Elements Sample to ‘try before you buy’.