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Kitchen Sinks

Kitchen sinks are as much a staple of the kitchen as the oven is. It’s an essential fitting that the entire family will make use of, so finding the perfect kitchen sink that can be used for year after year is an incredibly important process. 

While practicality is paramount, style also needs to be part of the decision. Finding the right sink can make all the difference between a bland kitchen and one that shouts ‘wow’. Plumbworld has a huge range of expertly-designed and high-quality kitchen sinks to choose from. All of our range focuses on quality, practicality, and style.

We have made sure there’s something to suit every requirement of your kitchen. Packed with the newest innovations and meeting the latest trends, Plumbworld’s kitchen sink units will transform your space.

  1. stainless-steel-kitchen-sinks

    Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks

    97 products
    From £44.99
  2. Granite Composite Kitchen Sinks

    Granite Composite Kitchen Sinks

    33 products
    From £96.98
  3. Glass Kitchen Sinks

    Glass Kitchen Sinks

    9 choices
    From £149.00
  4. Ceramic Kitchen Sinks

    Ceramic Kitchen Sinks

    8 choices
    From £144.00
  5. belfast-sinks

    Belfast Sinks

    7 choices
    From £140.46
  6. Kitchen Sink Accessories

    Kitchen Sink Accessories

    27 products
    From £14.99
  7. kitchen-sinks-by-brand

    Kitchen Sinks By Brand

    227 products
    From £14.99