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Kitchen sinks are as much a staple of the kitchen as the oven is. It’s an essential fitting that the entire family will make use of, so finding the perfect kitchen sink that can be used for year after year is an incredibly important process. 

While practicality is paramount, style also needs to be part of the decision. Finding the right sink can make all the difference between a bland kitchen and one that shouts ‘wow’. Plumbworld has a huge range of expertly-designed and high-quality kitchen sinks to choose from. All of our range focuses on quality, practicality, and style.

We have made sure there’s something to suit every requirement of your kitchen. Packed with the newest innovations and meeting the latest trends, Plumbworld’s kitchen sink units will transform your space.

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Reginox Traditional White Ceramic 1.5 Bowl Kitchen Sink Wastes Included - RL301CW


Really happy with our purchase! The first sink arrived as promised but unfortunately completely cracked in two. Plumbworld dealt with my query immediately via email, I sent a photo and received my new sink by 9.30am the next morning. Very impressed and will definitely use again.

Mr & Mrs M

Reginox Traditional White Ceramic 1 Bowl Kitchen Sink with Waste Included - RL304CW

Amazing price, amazing quality

When you think that there’s some sinks on the market for £400 and upwards.... this sink HAS to rival them. So classy, such good quality, looks so high end and opulent. Very very highly recommended.


Reginox Elleci Cream Granite 1.5 Bowl Kitchen Sink with Waste Included - EGO475

Stylish new sink

I ordered this sink for my Mum. We love it! Good colour and stylish design - a bit more to it than the regular sink and draining board designs.


Reginox Mataro Undermount White Ceramic Single Bowl Kitchen Sink with Waste Included

Amazing sink

Delivery was quick and item arrived in perfect condition. Lovely ceramic sink, would not hesitate to purchase again.

Liz Brown

Reginox Elbe Dual Lever Chrome Swan Neck Tap with White Ceramic Handles

first class product

easy to source online, brilliant price, quick delivery, really looks the business, easy to install for the plumber

David Poulton

Reginox Belfast Ceramic Large Single Bowl Kitchen Sink - Basket Strainer Waste Included

Good value

Great looking sink at a good price. Only problem was late and unhelpful delivery driver.

Mark Hunter

Sauber 1.5 Bowl Kitchen Sink with Black Glass Surround and Left Hand Drainer

Black Glass Sink

Love this sink , looks great along with my hob and oven. Good price, fast delivery.

Jen Judd

Reginox White Ceramic Drainer For Use With Belfast Sink

Belfast sink drainer

Very solid and robust, plenty of room to get a sink full of washing on the drainer

Andy Taylor

Reginox Harlem10 Caffe Silvery Granite Single Bowl Sink with Drainer and Waste Included

Excellent product

Love this sink. Very good price and faultless delivery. Very happy customer.

Denise Schofield

Sauber Undermount Stainless Steel Sink - 1 Bowl

Great product & fast delivery.

A good quality sink with a nice finish. Fast delivery Very satisfied.

Peter Woodhead




Kitchen Sinks - Things to consider when choosing the perfect sink for your kitchen

Whilst kitchen sinks are a necessity, that doesn’t mean you should go out and buy anything just because it’s required. Otherwise, you may end up with a cheap inferior quality sink from a less than reputable manufacturer which will only cost you more in the long run when you have to replace it. That’s why you should buy sensibly and consider all your options first. Here we’ve put together a guide on how to choose the right sink for your kitchen including: Material, Size, Worktop Positioning, Drainer or no Drainer and Style. Choose the perfect kitchen sink for household needs and your kitchen interior.

What material should you have?

Here in the UK kitchen sinks can be made from a whole host of materials, some of which might surprise you! Most common are stainless steel or ceramic but you will also find them made from composite, glass or even copper. They all have their own benefits in regards to cleaning, durability and scratch resistance which we’ve detailed below; but it ultimately comes down to a matter of preference. We have kitchen sinks for all budgets so whether you're looking for something cheap that does the job or something expensive with a few more bells and whistles we're sure to have the right one for you.

stainless steel sink
composite sink
ceramic sink

Stainless steel

Without a doubt this is the more contemporary looking option when it comes to kitchen sinks and taps. It can coordinate with other stainless steel appliances or accessories and cleaning doesn’t pose a problem. Whilst the finish can eventually dull from staining, this can easily be removed and brought back to its former glory by going over it with steel wool and a dedicated cleaner. Durability isn’t a problem either and will likely outlast your tenancy at the property. Stainless steel sinks are usually designed with a modern style in mind making them perfect for any contemporary kitchen.

Granite Composite

Composite kitchen sinks are really starting to take off here in the UK with big companies like Reginox and Franke excelling with the manufacturing of their composite sinks. Composite sinks add a real touch of personality to kitchens with their varying choices of colour and versatility when it comes to bowl and drainer quantities and sizes. They’re really hardwearing, scratch-resistant too with some benefitting from a hygienic coating which actually kills bacteria.


Ceramic sinks can provide a much more versatile look to the kitchen and in some cases can add a stylish touch; especially where contrasting colours are used. Durability and ease of cleaning are equal to that of stainless steel with the added bonus of being even more resistant to chemical. Ceramic sinks look great in more traditional properties with the Belfast sinks being a firm favourite in UK farmhouse kitchens.



glass sink
copper sink




Having a glass sink may sound like a risky business but they’re actually a lot tougher than you’d think. A lot like ceramic sinks they’re very resistant to chemicals and scratching but they’re also not affected by heavy bangs or heat (great news for in the kitchen!). The glass is tempered for added safety and ensures the surface is always easy to wipe clean.


Copper is quite an unusual material to be used for kitchen sinks but it does happen. They’re normally manufactured from hammered copper which gives them a timeless appearance. They’re sealed to stop any sort of corrosion otherwise polishing with wax may be required, and they can come in a variety of different colour shades.



Worktop Positioning - Inset, Undermount or Belfast?

The style of sink you choose all depends on what worktop you have in your kitchen, as some styles only work with certain types of material. Once you know what style you can have, it all comes down to how you want your kitchen to look!

inset sink


Inset sinks are the most straight forward and common way of fitting a sink. The sink slots into the gap in your worktop, with the edges sat neatly on top of your work surface creating a slight lip. Inset sinks come in many different materials, sizes, colours and designs; the choice is yours! The main benefit of an inset sink is you can use one with any work top, so you don’t have to worry that you haven’t chosen the right one. Most inset sinks have a handy built-in drainer board on the side, allowing for your dishes to easily dry ready for use.



Undermounted sinks are a fantastic way of saving space and creating a minimalist look in your kitchen with clean lines on your worktop. Undermount sinks don’t have a drainer, making them a great choice for a smaller kitchen. With undermounted sinks you need a solid surface such as granite or stone to be able to support the sink, a laminate worktop simply isn’t strong enough to support the weight. Stainless steel undermounted sinks should be fine to use with any work top, though it is worth checking with a professional installer before carrying out the work to prevent any costly mistakes. The main benefit with undermounted sinks is there is no lip edge sat on the worktop that can collect debris and dirt. As the sink sits below the worktop, and crumbs or dirt can be simply swept straight into the sink! This also makes for super easy cleaning, as there are no edges that gather up any mess, keeping your kitchen clean and tidy.

belfast sink


Also known as an apron-front or a sit-on, the sink sits directly on your kitchen cabinet. The stylish traditional open fronted design creates a country style feel in your kitchen, especially as most are made from a classic white ceramic. Ceramic Belfast sinks are extremely heavy, weighing anything up to 75kg (without water and dishes!) so you need to make sure you have a solid surface worktop such as granite, stone or solid wood to be able to support the weight. Just like undermount sinks they are super easy to keep clean due to their being no edge, crumbs and debris can be brushed straight into the sink off the worktop and wiped clean!


How much bowl space do you need?

You can get kitchen sinks with 1, 1.5 or 2 bowls, allowing you to select which is best for your kitchen and household. A larger kitchen and household may benefit from 2 bowls, where 1 bowl may be more than enough for some households with a smaller kitchen.

1 bowl sink

1 Bowl

The standard kitchen sink has one large bowl which is perfect for washing dishes (and hands!) and doesn’t take up too much space making it a good choice for smaller kitchens.

1.5 bowl sink`

1.5 Bowls

If you need a little extra space, you can also get 1.5 bowl sinks which consist of one large bowl and a smaller bowl next to it. The smaller bowl is ideal for things such as peeling vegetables or pouring drinks away when dishes are soaking in the larger bowl.

2 bowl sink

2 Bowls

2 bowl sinks are exactly that, two large bowls! This allows you to multi-task which is super important especially when you have a large family to cater for. One bowl can be used to soak dirty dishes whilst the other can be used to wash and prepare food. These are an excellent choice for larger families and larger kitchens.


Draining board or no draining board?

If it is important for you to have a draining board that is built into your sink then an inset sink is the perfect choice for you, with most designs having a large draining area joined to the side. But don’t worry! If you don’t want a draining board but have opted for an inset sink then there are plenty of designs without a drainer

Undermount and Belfast sinks don’t have a built-in draining board, but if you prefer the look of these sinks then you can purchase a separate drainer to sit on the worktop next to your sink. Another option is to have drainer grooves scraped into your stone worktop, allowing you to keep the minimalist look with water being able to drain directly from your worktop.


Choosing the right style for your kitchen

When choosing a new kitchen sink you want to make sure to pick one that will work well with the design of your room, as you don’t want to put a traditional looking sink in a modern interior as it will spoil the aesthetics. Once you’ve narrowed it down to the style of sink you want depending on what worktop you have (read above- if you have a laminate worktop your choices are limited to an inset sink, but if you have a granite or solid stone worktop then you can have your pick from undermount or Belfast designs) then it mainly comes down to personal taste.

If you have a super modern contemporary style bathroom then stainless steel is an excellent choice with its stylish shiny finish that can be matched with accessories to keep a consistent look in your kitchen. Another great choice would be a granite sink as not only are they extremely durable, they come in contemporary colours such as black and grey that will complement your modern design.

Now if you have a traditional country kitchen then a ceramic Belfast sink is a perfect choice, as the apron-front design shows the shiny smooth white ceramic of the sink, adding to the aesthetics of your kitchen.

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