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One of the things that puts many of us off taking on plumbing jobs at home is that too often you need specialist tools to complete the work. Not so with this cleverly designed flexihose, which just needs tightening by hand at either end to create a waterproof seal. This makes it very easy to replace a section of pipe or connect up a new appliance like a dishwasher or washing machine.


Flexihose is hugely practical, and as the name suggests it is just the type of pipe you need to use in awkward spaces or where you don’t want to have to get pipes welded to join together. This is a piece of flexihose which is a full 500mm (half a metre) long, which will fit onto pipes 22mm or ¾ inch in diameter. Nobody wants to have to pay a plumber to do a job they could manage themselves, so get a couple of lengths of flexihose and save yourself a fortune.

  • JG hand tight flexible hose 22mm x 3/4 BSP 500mm
  • Hand Tightened White Flexible Hose
  • Easy To Install
  • Very Flexible
  • Hand Tightened Nut No Tools Required


CE Approved


£11.18 (Inc. VAT)

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