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This length of flexible plastic hose has a huge number of plumbing uses around the house, and is an essential piece of kit for both professional plumbers and DIY enthusiasts alike. The flexibility of the pipe means that it can easily bend around corners or into awkward spaces unlike a conventional rigid pipe, and a lack of joins around bends means it’s less likely to spring a leak too.


This flexihose is designed to fit on any 22mm or ¾ inch pipes, and the simple connectors can be tightened up by hand – no need for wrenches or spanners. Whether you’re putting in a new bath or sink, repositioning an existing one or just doing some essential repairs, this flexihose will make life far easier as it is high quality and so easy to use. This plastic flexihose is just a small part of the wide range of JG Speedfit connectors and plumbing accessories which we sell.

CE Approved

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