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Included Items:

  • High Quality Tap
  • Efficient Boiling Water Tank
  • Water Filter

Most of us lead busy lives so the idea that we could make them more efficient is always appealing. Now with the help of Insinkerator this is possible with the installation of one of their 3N1 steaming hot water taps. They’re not just ordinary kitchen taps either, they produce steaming hot water, as well as standard hot and cold water, at the twist of a lever. Meaning you no longer have to waste time with your kettle. They alleviate the issue of filling one and then waiting for it to boil, something that’s tedious at the best of times!

This isn’t the only advantage of a 3N1 tap either, as you can completely do away with your kettle saving worktop space and you can save energy because the tank containing the hot water requires less power to heat. Don’t think they’re just for hot drinks either you can use them for everything you used to use your kettle for, preparing pasta, rinsing stubborn grime off of plates and even peeling labels off of jars to be recycled.

Manufacturing takes place in Italy where each part is precision engineered to be as durable and long-lasting as possible. To finish the tap, a glorious layer of chrome plating is applied for a stunning shine that’ll match seamlessly with your other kitchen accessories.

The 3N1 taps are really easy to fit and come complete with a filter and tank which are installed discreetly underneath the kitchen sink. Fitting can be made on most standard sinks too so compatibility shouldn’t be an issue.

If this all wasn’t good enough already then you’ll be please to know that the tank comes with a 2 year guarantee and the tap has a 5 year guarantee.

Features and Benefits:

  • Superb chrome finish to match your other kitchen fixtures and fittings.
  • Steaming hot water plus standard hot and cold water.
  • Filter included in the bundle
  • Elegant single piece design, manufactured in Italy.
  • Easy to install on most kitchen sinks.
  • 5 year tap guarantee and 2 year tank guarantee.


5 Year Guarantee



£479.99 (Inc. VAT)

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