Independent Living Showering

Our Independent Living range provides a variety of showering products including, walk in shower enclosures, anti slip shower trays, wet rooms, electric or mixer showers, shower suites, shower accessories and much more. We’re the one stop shop for all things safety when it comes to the bathroom and of course we’re cheapest on price too.  

  1. Walk In Showers

    Walk In Shower Enclosures

    40 products
    From £269.97
  2. anti-slip-shower-trays

    Anti Slip Shower Trays

    115 products
    From £80.00
  3. wet-rooms

    Wet Rooms

    108 products
    From £79.99
  4. independent-living-showers

    Independent Living Showers

    16 products
    From £79.78
  5. independent-living-shower-accessories

    Independent Living Shower Accessories

    84 products
    From £11.98
  6. independent-living-shower-suites

    Independent Living Shower Suites

    8 choices
    From £1,887.00
  7. doc-m-shower-packs

    Doc 'M' Shower Packs

    6 choices
    From £2,293.40
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