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However good your cleaning regime, getting the seal around the bottom of the door clean can be a real challenge. Sometimes it’s simpler just to replace the whole seal, and doing this will make your shower look like new. This rubber, flexible seal is designed to be compatible with all Hydrolux 600mm, 700mm and 800mm hinged shower doors. We stock a comprehensive range of shower enclosure spares for the Hydrolux range, and this seal is just one small part of the range.

Original Parts


This is an original Hydrolux part, not a cheaper compatible product made from cheaper materials. It is incredibly simple to fit and does not need any specialist tools; you just pull the old seal off and discard it, then slide the new one on in its place. Replacing the seal allows you to give your shower cabinet an instant facelift without going to the expense of replacing the whole door.

CE Approved

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