We’re all showering more than ever before, and one of the few parts of a modern shower cabinet which is prone to damage is the seal, which can be almost impossible to keep clean. Over time, the plastic can become discoloured and this seal is compatible with all Hydrolux Quadrant Enclosures and 6mm sliding doors on shower cabinets.

Simple Replacement


Replacing the seal on the shower enclosure is a very simple job, and just involves sliding the old seal off the bottom of the shower cabinet door and sliding the new one in its place. No tools or expertise is required. A new seal will instantly make your bathroom look brighter and cleaner, and with this seal representing such outstanding value for money, it’s a job you should do today. Take a look also at the rest of the Hydrolux accessories which we sell for other maintenance and repair jobs in the bathroom.

Techincal Drawings

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