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Picture this: you’re enjoying a long hot shower whilst singing along to the greatest hits of REO Speedwagon. Perfection, right? Well, maybe not the REO Speedwagon, but you’re probably not going to win X Factor with the numbers you belt out in the bathroom. But wait! Something has ruined your moment of pure cheesy-rock bliss! The seal on your Hydrolux shower enclosure isn’t doing its job and is letting water leak out all over your bathroom floor. The time for singing is over! Thankfully you can get back to your bad singing quickly by purchasing a replacement seal, which is exactly what we’re offering here.

Seals are made to last for years, but unfortunately sometimes complications may occur, such as accidentally splitting it or it not being fitted correctly in the first place. Just purchase this replacement bottom seal, pull it out of the lovely Plumbworld box and slip it straight on with ease.

Now you can move on to another rock band's greatest hits – Journey! Just don’t stop believin’.

CE Approved

£17.97 (Inc. VAT)

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Hydrolux Spare Bottom Seal For 900mm 6mm Hinged Doors Reviews

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  • Thomas Russell Anderson
    5/ 5

    Delivered on time and good quality product.