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The ST9100S service interval controllers have additional benefits to help landlords comply with the Regulation 36 of the Gas Regulations 1998. The installer, landlord or service company can set the service interval, the advance tenant period of notification and how the controller will function when the interval has expired. These models look and work exactly like the standard ST9000 models, until the gas service is required, then the predetermined action kicks in. The screen can also be used to display a telephone number to assist the user in arranging their service.

It’s is a 1 day timer with two on and off timer settings per day. This unit is suitable for use with combi boilers or any applications where a small electric loads need switching.


Features and Benefits:

  • Service reminder with varying levels of action.
  • Large backlit LCD display which provides text feedback to help with programming.
  • Factory set date and time.
  • Automatic 1 hour time change for summer and winter.
  • Permanent or temporary override facilities.
  • Extra hour facility available. Boost up to 3 hours or programme extension.
  • Select between 3 different built-in programmes.
  • Indicator lights make it easily visible as to which program is in use.
  • Suitable for use with a standard back plate.
  • Direct replacement for ST6400 and ST6100 models.
  • 2 on and off times per day.
  • ST9100S suitable for low voltage, mains or potential free switching.

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Honeywell Single Channel Timeswitch ST9100S1007

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