Heritage Winchester Linewood Complete Solutions

The Heritage Winchester Linewood Multipanel features a stunning medium grey real wood colour with the linewood striped wood pattern, giving you a natural wood feel in your bathroom. Save yourself the time and mess from tiling with the quick and easy installation of Multipanel - giving you the stone effect you’re craving without the hassle and cost of tiling with real stone. Multipanel is made from a waterproof plywood which is then wrapped in a patterned laminate, giving you the design and colour you want without breaking the bank. Our Classic Warm Mica Complete Solutions come with everything you need to install your Multipanels straight away without the worry you might’ve forgotten something. Choose from Multipanel Heritage Winchester Linewood Solution for Corner Installations (2 walls) and Multipanel Heritage Winchester Linewood Solution for Alcove Installations (3 walls) with each solution coming complete with: panels, profiles, end caps, seal kits, adhesive and sealant. You can also purchase our Multipanel Heritage Winchester Linewood Sample  to see what it looks like in your bathroom before you buy, preventing any costly hasty decisions!